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Automotive Blasphemy
For those of us who see the car as essential to living as eating and breathing.

1. Be Polite: We're here to be supportive of unique car mods, not flame each other for doing something that you don't like.
2. Be reasonable: While it may sound awesome to put the engine from a P51 Mustang into a Ford Mustang, unless you are beginning actual work past the drawing board phase don't bring it up.
3. Be free to post pictures: They must be of YOUR vehicle. After the first pic please put the rest under a cut.
4. Be a regular poster: You wanted to join, now make something of it.
5. Be confident: I don't care if you drive a Pursuit Special or a Prius, a Hummer or a Hoveround as long as you are actively modifying it in unconventional ways.
6. Be not a Hypermiler: They're not welcome here even though their mods are quite unconventional.